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Baobab the 11th main performance ”FIELD-フィールド-“

  • Organization : Baobab
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This is the new production by dance company Baobab, headed by dancer/choreographer/actor Wataru Kitao. This sport-themed work imagines the dancers as athletes and the stage as a sports field, looking at the negative aspects hidden behind the Olympics and Paralympics. It confronts a warped contemporary society that encompasses war, disabilities and impediments, and explores the relationship between the physical self and the times. With this work, for the first time the troupe set itself the task of creating a piece with a large number of people, selecting ensemble members through audition to perform alongside the eight main dancers of the troupe including Kitao.

If you think of a dancer as an athlete, the stage could resemble a sports field. When dancing, we struggle towards our physical limits as if we are playing sports. The dance environment goes beyond sports in the sense that it appears as a personal struggle by that person at that time. Audiences are presented with the question of what that struggle is against. It could signify the railing of youth against modern society; or that of an ordinary person living day to day in desperation; or perhaps that of a warrior on the battlefield.

Hosaki Tanaka, Yo Nakamura, Takayuki Ueda, Ayane Nakagawa, Shun Nakamura, Reisa Shimojima, Saori Yoneda, Wataru Kitao
(Below is an ensemble member by audition election.)
Fumi Sato, Natsumi Mase, Minori Fujishima, Rina Kobayashi, Manae Hara, Mana Hasegawa, Romance Hashimoto, Marin Yamada, Sho Ito


Wataru Kitao
Born in Hyogo in 1987. Growing up in Kanagawa.
Graduated from OBIRIN University.
He was engaged in performing arts from childhood and experienced various dances ranging from classical ballet to street dance.
He established Dance company[Baobab]in 2009. Since then, he takes charge of choreography, structure and direction of all works. In addition to creating at the company, He also handles a lot of choreography to theater company such as Kakikuukyaku, Hanchu-yuei, Lolo.
In recent years WS, outreach activities, lessons and lecturers are active seeking dance’s whereabouts.

・SHOBI University instructor
・Steep Slope Studio Support artist
・Toyota Choreography Award 2012 Audience Award
・3rd Erusuru Foundation Rookie Award Contemporary Dance
・Yokohama Dance Collection 2018 CompetitionⅠ Best Dancer Award


Fuyuko Mezawa
E-mail: baobab.k08@gmail.com


Kichijoji Theater, Musashino City, Tokyo