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Dance New Air

  • Organization : Dance Nippon Associates
  • Section : Project on artistic and creative focus
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Dance

Outline of the project

The 8th outing for this international dance festival. This time around the theme is “what you can see through the body,” in an event offering an array of works of overwhelming power that will strike a chord with audiences. This is dance as sport with highly-acclaimed and rule-adhering technical elements, together with dance in the pursuit of rich expression through a variety of methods. Two years away from the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, now is the time to deliver the strong messages of these works to audiences through a program that sheds light on the essence of the body, an essence that can be seen through objective understanding of dance’s two aspects of sport and art.

Outline of Project Year 1
(1) Dance New Air 2018 pre-performance site-specific series vol.2 “enchaîne”
Venue: International House of Japan
Choreograph and Direction: Ema Yuasa
Space Direction: Tsuyoshi Tane
Costume: Tamae Hirokawa
(2) Workshop “Shooting for Dance”
August 28 –September 1, 2017
Instructor: Nao Yoshigai
Co-Organizer: Image Forum
(3) Research for Dance New Air 2018

Outline of Project Year 2
(1) Workshop “Shooting for Dance”
September 7,8,9 and 15, 2018
Instructor: Nao Yoshigai
Co-Organizer: Image Forum
(2) Dance New Air 2018
Spiral Hall, Sogetsu Hall / Sogetsu Plaza, Gothe-Institut Tokyo, VACANT, Theatre Image Forum, Aoyama Book Center main store, STUDIO ARCHITANZ, Libra Hall, World Kita Aoyama Building, THREE AOYAMA
October 3-14, 2018


Dance New Air
A dance festival held once every two years in Aoyama area. In Dance New Air, a dance festival in Aoyama, Tokyo, we use not only theatre space but also many other spaces such as outdoor space, cinema and book center, and explore and offer new possibility through dance.


Maki Miyakubo
Dance Nippon Associates
2-10-2, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
E-mail: info@dancenewair.tokyo