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shelf “Hedda Gabler” Wuhan, Nanjing, Shanghai 3 cities Tour

  • Organization : shelf Association
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


shelf will present a new and contemporary interpretation of the Ibsen drama. Rethink the image of human that is depicted in the drama written at the beginning of the modern era through the creation of the theaters, live performances, and theater experiences. Reconsidering the ideas that have been regarded as universal values such as ego that to the present day or freedom, equality, and benevolence etc.

From the perspective of international exchanges, we will find and share the differences and commonalities of us, Japanese and Chinese through Western classical plays that equally far from each other. Also, shelf will share the directing method and how to create works to Chinese students to prepare a collaborative work with them in the future.

[program] Hedda Gabler
[cast]Yuko KAWABUCHI, Takashi OKITO, Yuhei YOKOTA, Masataka SUZUKI, Yuka EHARA, Seiko SUGIMURA
[staff]Yasuhito YANO, Tsuruyo NORITAKE, Yoko TAKEUCHI, JuiChen TAN, Miyuu KAMIKAWA, Saeko TAKEMURA, ANNIE, Anzheng LIANG


shelf Association
Theatre Company shelf, directed by Yasuhito YANO, produces stage performances based on works of classical and modern drama, with emphasis on the aspect of actors’ speech. The lead actor in the company’s production of “Little Eyolf”, Yuko Kawabuchi, won the Best Performer Award at the Toga Theatre Competition (2008). “Ghosts-Composition/Ibsen”, the company’s most successful work to date, was invited by International Ibsen Festival (2014). shelf stayed in Bangkok for the Low Fat Art Fest, creating “[deprived]” in collaboration with local artists (2015). The play was nominated for the Best Script of a Play prize at the Bangkok Theatre Festival.


Yasuhito YANO
Representative Director
shelf Association
3-9-6-102 Sakura-josui Setagaya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
E-mail: yano@theatre-shelf.org


Wuhan 403 International Art Center-Red Chair Theater, Wuhan, China
Nanjing University Blackbox Theater, Nanjing, China
Shanghai Huangpu Theater, Shanghai, China