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Sangatsu China Tour 2018

  • Organization : Sangatsu
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


The band will perform six concerts in the two cities of Shanghai and Beijing. As well as premiering completely new work at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing, other plans include holding workshops in both cities, and an improvised performance with local musicians at Caotang Boutique House in a “water town” near Shanghai.

Aya Comori (Production Manager)
Raku Nakahara (Sound Designer / PA)
Yutaka Endo (Technical Director)


Formed in 1997 in Tokyo, the band made its recording debut with “Sangatsu,” produced by Jim O’Rourke. The band was founded with the purpose of creating a form of musical expression unhindered by conventional musical boundaries, and drawing widely on instrumental sounds.
The band has worked on numerous collaborations in other genres such as theater, dance, and film.
In June 2013, the band held its first overseas performance at Penghao Theatre in Beijing, treating the audience to a performance that incorporated theatrical elements. They have since done overseas performances in places such as Germany, Korea and Taiwan.
The band has drawn attention for its projects focusing on the relationship between songs and listeners. For example it has unveiled a new project “Catch and Throw,” featuring music written by the band for screen and stage, and platforms — the mechanisms and principles — created for the sounds to be heard. Another project is a five-year copyright waiver on works released during and after 2012.
In recent years, the band has concentrated its efforts on workshops, exploring more open musical forms such as performances by non-musician workshop participants, and hybrid live shows combining workshops and tour performances.


Atsuhiro Koizumi
E-mail: abcsangatsu@gmail.com


・Bandai Namco Shanghai Base [Future House], Shanghai, China
・Ming Contemporary Art Museum – McaM, Shanghai
・Caotang Boutique House, Shanghai
・Penghao Theatre, Beijing, China
・Jiangjinjiu OMNI SPACE, Beijing
・Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing