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  • Organization : mizhen
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


If I could see
The world you see,
If you could see
The world I see,
Could the boundaries between us melt away?
What transpires when a group of young people gather at a small hotel:
Man and woman, actor and writer, deaf person and hearing person,
Spiders and people, you and me.
An ensemble drama on life and loneliness inspired by Chekhov’s “The Seagull.”

Written and directed by: Kana Fujiwara
Performed by Maya Kokado (Amayadori), Takehito Terui, Fukiko Sato (mizhen), Shinsuke Ando (Nihon no razio), Sachiko Sato (mizhen), Aki Momoka (DULL-COLORED POP), Hiroshiki Taki (Haegiwa), Tatsuki Kobayashi (kamuyyassen), Maki Maehara, Sayuri Fujii
Stage direction: Kaori Moriyama
Set design: Mirei Iwamoto
Lighting: Kaori Minami (LICHT-ER)
Sound: Ryodai Tanaka (Paddy Field)
Image: Nobuhiro Matsuzawa
Sign Language Teaching: Akiko Oshidari, Tsuyoshi Miura (CARAMELBOX)
and others


An all-female theater production unit led by Kana Fujiwara with actresses Sachiko Sato and Fukiko Sato. The troupe is characterized by its rhythmic drawn-out dialogue and unique choreography.
With the watchword “Words that dance, bodies that speak, and space that undulates,” mizhen earnestly sets about producing works set in an abstract stage space; pieces that move and stay with audiences.
Troupe members’ professional activities extend beyond mizhen: writer/director Fujiwara won the audience award at the 2015 FFAC (Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion) competition for theater direction and garnered an award for excellence in the HOKKAIDO Drama Award for 2016.


Kana Fujiwara
Tel: +81-70-3300-6833
E-mail: mizhen.f@gmail.com


d-soko Theater, Arakawa City, Tokyo