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“Rondo of unrequited love from Onmyoji” in Russia (Japan Year in Russia)

  • Organization : Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater, N.P.O.
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


This is a collaborative work incorporating literature, music, theater and calligraphy. Baku Yumemakura, original author of the novel “Onmyoji,” wrote the libretto for his friend, composer Isao Matsushita, and Matsushita put music to it. In charge of overall production is Russian director Leonid Anisimov. Furthermore, the internationally well-known calligrapher Byakko Kashiwagi will paint scenes from the play onto a folding screen during the performance.
The troupe was invited to perform the work in Moscow at the
20th Nihon-no-kokoro International Music Festival, an event organized
between the Japanese and Russian governments as a commemorative event for the “Japan Year in Russia.”

Libretto: Baku Yumemakura
Music: Isao Matsushita
Conductor: Vyacheslav Valeev
Director: Leonid Anisimov
Costume: Shingo Tokihiro
Calligraphy: Byakko Kashiwagi
Music play: Moscow Conservatory Student Symphony Orchestra
Actors: Hiroshi Okazaki, Ryuki Temmaya, Hirochika Kamidze, Yoshika Nakazawa (Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater)


Tokyo Novyi Repertory Theater
In 2004, three theater companies, Theater Kyo, Perezhivanie Art Theater and Studio Sontse gathered together under director Leonid Anisimov to share the same goal, which is to heal the suffering spirit of our time and create genuine theater art to feed the soul. The education of actors is based on the Stanislavski System, and performances take the classic form of the Russian repertory system which is very rare in Japan.

Byakko Kashiwagi
Born in Oita Prefecture, Kashiwagi started learning Japanese calligraphy at the age of 5. She has won a number of prizes in calligraphy exhibitions such as the Grand Prize of the Mainichi Joryu Ten in 1988. She also does calligraphy overseas in the form of collaborations with musicians. Meanwhile she has also dedicated her works to Ise Grand Shrine, Meiji Jingu Shrine, Yasukuni Jinja Shrine and other shrines. She caused a stir when she designed the signboard of the camp in al-Samawah, Iraq for the Self-Defense Forces.


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