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Mimifes2019 ~SAVE THE EAR LIVE~

  • Organization : Japan Universal Sound Design Association
  • Section : Support for Projects Offering Visions for the Future
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


We will hold “Mimifes 2019~SAVE THE EAR LIVE~,” the world’s most easy-on-the-ear, universal live concert.
Our ears are constantly under assault from modern society with all its different noises. In recent years, ear problems have been on the increase due to changes in our living environments, habits and emotional states, with everyone at risk from hearing-related issues. Ear problems tend not to be noticed by the individual or others, and thus tend to be overlooked.
This live concert will boost the opportunity for everyone to learn about the importance of hearing and the ears; not just the hard-of-hearing, the elderly or those who suffer from some sort of hearing-related issue. What’s more, this concert is being realized with the cooperation of eight artists who understand our aim of protecting the ears of music lovers. With this event we will actualize “easy-listening” live performance for all, for example by fitting the venue with ear-friendly SONORITY F804 speakers as a mark of our thorough commitment to easy-on-the-ear noise.


【Japan Universal Sound Design Association】
By providing hearing assistance speakers and related services and products, this Specified Nonprofit Corporation aims to convey the importance of hearing, as well as to contribute to the creation of a society in which everyone can hear clearly.

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Activities towards advancement in the fields of insurance, medical care and welfare
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Shinichiro Nakaishi (President & CEO, Universal Sound Design Inc.)


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