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Work In Progress in SLOW MOVEMENT Showcase & Forum vol.3

  • Organization : SLOW MOVEMENT Executive Committee
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


For the SLOW MOVEMENT Showcase & Forum vol. 3, social circus artist Daniele Giangreco was invited from Italy to present the creative activities he conducts with people with disabilities, as well as to demonstrate and discuss possibilities in the three areas of rehabilitation, empowerment and community-building through social circus initiatives.
At the workshop and talk event in Israel, Ofer Amram from the Nalaga’at Center offered some case studies of creative activities with deafblind people and the hearing/visually impaired, and also discussed problem-solving and communication methods during the expressive process. In addition, people with and without disabilities participated in a workshop together and gained practical knowledge of creative approaches.


SLOW MOVEMENT Executive Committee
Established with the aim of developing the SLOW MOVEMENT participatory project inside and outside Japan. Regardless of age, gender, nationality and any disabilities, diverse people take part in creative activities. The aim is to spread a message of diversity and harmony as a movement through activities that turn creative efforts into a single performance, by which people and their community are connected and share collaborative work and a fruitful experience.


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Spiral Hall, Minato City, Tokyo
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Spiral Room, Minato City, Tokyo