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Art in Country of Tokyo 2019

  • Organization : Art in Country of Tokyo (AICOT) Executive Committee
  • Section : Support for Overseas Artistic Creation in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Art in Country of Tokyo 2019 is a new generation of international art projects that portray the city of Tokyo not as a large metropolis but as a region, bringing together the individuality and nature of the various areas outside the 23 wards through art.
At AICOT 2019, we invite international groups and artists concentrated around “EXPERIMENTAL FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL IN SEOUL,” a film festival held for over 15 years in Seoul, Korea. Exhibitions of contemporary art and performances will be held while promoting the use of public and regional-specific resources.


【Art in Country of Tokyo (AICOT) Executive Committee】
The word “country” originates from the Latin phrase “contrata terra,” (meaning “the land over there”) and it is a word that represents the indication of both a nation and a region (or rural area). It depicts the diversity of Tokyo as both the capital city of Japan and a region concentrated with nature symbolic of Japan – its mountains, fields, and ocean.


Sung Nam HAN
Representative / General Director
Art in Country of Tokyo (AICOT) Executive Committee
E-mail: artincountryoftokyo@gmail.com


Shikinejima, Kouzushima, Higashikurume, Kiyose