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Goethe-Institut Damascus in Exile in Tokyo

  • Organization : Goethe-Institut Tokyo
  • Section : Support for Overseas Artistic Creation in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


For this project, the Goethe-Institut Tokyo invites four Syrian artists from different art fields to Japan, who are currently in exile in Germany. Each artist will reside in the former caretaker’s apartment of the Goethe-Institut for six weeks. Through this transnational residency program, the Goethe-Institut aims to provide a place to share and discuss the issues the participating artists are currently tackling. While each artist conducts individual research in Japan, the Goethe-Institut will organize events in various formats to introduce their artistic work, such as screenings, talks, discussions and exhibitions. The center of the project forms the encounter between the Syrian artists and cultural players and the general public in Japan.


【Goethe-Institut Tokyo】
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Ulrike Krautheim
Project Coordinator
Goethe-Institut Tokyo
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