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Kodomotachikarano Sound Message Music Connects Us!

  • Organization : National Children’s Castle Children’s Chorus
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


Under the theme of “connection” with friends and family, people and living creatures, this event featured 200 performers aged 3 to 75 years old. Together with disabled members of the chorus, the group also took on the challenge of photography as an expressive medium for the performance. Photos capturing everyday moments of joy and sorrow, wonder and gratitude from the real-life perspective of children living in Tokyo today were projected onto the stage and interspersed with singing, aimed at creating a deeper connection with the audience. For the event the group also created and staged an “ongaku rodoku geki” (reading event with music and theatrical elements) of the picture book “Yamabou” by Fuyou Kabeya. The book, written in an appealingly nonsensical style, tells the story of a mountain that walks to the ocean with the help and encouragement of children. It can be interpreted as a story of inclusion, in which a mountain that cannot walk is motivated by its “connection” or friendship with children. The group’s stage version incorporated music and video to great effect.


National Children’s Castle Children’s Chorus
This chorus was formed in April 1985 – in advance of the November 1985 opening of the National Children’s Castle – with the aim of using music to develop a spirit of cooperation and creativity and a broad intellectual curiosity in children, as well as with the aim of using the creativity and self-expression that results from child’s play to help turn children into well-rounded people. The chorus comprises around 250 members divided into 8 classes that include eurhythmics for toddlers and groups for children with disabilities. Aside from choir practice, organizers have developed unique and comprehensive projects that include theatrical activities incorporating physical expression, Readers’ Theater and the like, as well as the plastic arts and ensembles featuring synthesizers and rhythmic instruments. The chorus’s track record includes numerous appearances at events in Tokyo, and the organization of regional performance training camps and overseas trips, etc.


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