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Kodomochounaikai Festival 2019 “DESIGN-PIC”

  • Organization : Kodomochounaikai Office
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


“Kodomochounaikai” is a workshop program that children’s design teams create festivals. The theme for 2019 was the “DESIGN-PIC”, thinking about the power of design beyond the limits and boundaries that exist in individuals and society. Twenty-four children aged 5 to 12 were selected as members of the design team and participated in the workshop for half a year.
Children met diversity through fashion design as self-expression. Children learned the joy and difficulty of collaborating through architecture and town design.
Children experienced the power of design that connects people and the world through dance and music.
Their activities have created the Kodomochounaikai Festival 2019 “DESIGN-PIC”. It became a playground / learning place of the design for many children and their families.
General supervision :Kaori Shikichi
Director :Mikiko Suto, Tetsutaro Take
During the summer vacation, we invited the “Mirai-Gengo Team” to create an encounter between the challenge of “disability” and children. Children collaborate with people with disabilities and supporters to create “theme parks that can be enjoyed with the five senses” such as “invisible maze”, “Decoding games in sign language” and “riddle riddles with pictures”. They invented a play and method that everyone can enjoy together.
General supervision :Kaori Shikichi
Director :Masato Nagano, Takaya Matsuda, Fumi Kikunaga, Kosuke Takahashi


Kodomochounaikai Office
Kodomochounaikai Office is a group of architects and designers who are involved in the design of various “objects, things and communications” such as architecture, products, advertising, web, fashion, and education. They believe that the power to create “objects, things and communication” refers to soft “intelligence and sensibility” that discovers issues and solves problems creatively.
“Design” has nurtured their own intelligence and sensibility.
The workshop for children called “Kodomochounaikai” was started with the aim of utilizing the educational power of design in children’s education.


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