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Let's enjoy touchable National Treasures
The ABC of the new art appreciation method named "Show-do"

  • Organization : DiceConnecting GK.
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


The main content is that participants themselves touch and appreciate the national treasures that have been restored to their new state by digital technology. In addition to learning about the work and experiencing it, they also offered various experiences to understand the culture and customs of the time, such as wearing costumes, tasting restored food, and touching restored items what is depicted in the work.

The purpose of the exhibition is to allow participants to experience the darkness of the room at that time, their viewing attitude, and their flexible erection through trial and error, so that they can experience new ideas about the work and their design intentions.

The works and the course were provided by the digital restorationer Mr.Taizo Kobayashi, and overall planned and produced by Dice ConnectingGK..


Dice Connecting GK.
Established in 1991 as a subsidiary of a game development company. From 2017 “Show-do”, an event to appreciate Japanese art was co-organized with Mr.Taizo Kobayashi of Kobayashi Art Science Co, LTD.(2016: Tokyo Arts and Culture Creation Transmission Support was adopted.). The planning and operation of classes for beginners were transferred to our company in 2018.


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