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Is This a Game?

  • Organization : Nanokaten
  • Section : Symbolic Projects Setting the Flag of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


“Is This a Game?” is a new special exhibition by up-and-coming game designers working in Japan and overseas of experimental game pieces which are displayed and can be play-tested. This second exhibition represents a significant upgrade from the first event, with a venue size four times bigger than before and the number of games on display more than double. Like last year’s exhibit “the game that takes a year to play,” the exhibition shakes up conventional gaming wisdom with this year’s “game experiences provided by the rules.”
The exhibition will present games as deeply interesting items which are more than just a source of fun and entertainment, as well as presenting the potential and new possibilities for game rules.


In recent years, not only digital games, but Japanese “analogue” games (board games and card games.) has gained attention from around the world. At the heart of their popularity, Japanese unique artworks, concepts and creativity are found, which differ from those made in Germany and America, the global analogue game market leaders. Nanokaten aims to accelerate this trend and popularize “analog games as media art” from Japan to the world.


E-mail: kore.ha.game.nanoka@gmail.com


3331 Arts Chiyoda Main Gallery, Chiyoda City, Tokyo