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Asakusa Geisha Dance

  • Organization : Asakusa Geisha Dance Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The program was directed by HANAYAGI Suketaro and performed by geishas, hokans (male entertainers) from Asakusa district, and geishas from Akasaka district as guest performers. It consisted of traditional dance pieces passed on in the Asakusa entertainment district, a short comic stage by hokans, original dance pieces by Akasaka geishas, and a specially commissioned dance number “Akesomete Reiwa no Kotohogi (The celebrated dawn of Reiwa)” to commemorate the new era, Reiwa, which was written and choreographed by HANAYAGI Suketaro, composed by Naofumi Kojima, percussion arrangements by MOCHIZUKI Tazaemon, and flute arrangements by MOCHIZUKI Tahachi.
Related events were also held in the exhibition hall on the lower level of the venue. They included a tea ceremony performance given by geishas, demonstration performances of traditional craftworks of the Taito district such as candy art, silversmithing, traditional calligraphy, traditional fans, and braided cord making
As pre-events, the geishas performed dances for the Sanja festival in May, for the Tanabata festival in July, and paraded down to the Sensoji temple to pray for the success of the show together with all the parties concerned a month before the actual event.


Asakusa Geisha Dance Executive Committee
Established in 1995 as the successor of “Asaji-kai” which was originally founded as part of efforts of postwar reconstruction festival to promote traditional performance arts by geishas of Asakusa. Its renewed purpose is not only to pass on the traditional heritage of performance art in the entertainment district of Asakusa, but to build and enhance a new bond among the local citizens and to create and add a new value to the famed tourist spot. It is comprised of various restaurants, geishas, male entertainers (hokans), and leading instructors of dancers, musicians, and tea ceremony.

Born in Tokyo in 1960, has been performing in major dance shows both in Japan and overseas. Originally starting as a traditional Japanese dance master, studied drama direction under Yukio Ninagawa, now directs and choreographs numerous dance shows and has been commissioned to create new pieces for professional dancers. Has won many prizes in Japan both for his performance and direction. Teaches at the Tokyo University of Arts as an instructor of HANAYAGI dance school and acts as a board member of several Japanese traditional dance associations.


Keiji Chiba
bureau chief
Asakusa Geisha Dance Executive Committee
c/o Tokyo Asakusa Association, 3-33-5, Asakusa, Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0032


Asakusa Public Hall, Taito City, Tokyo