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17th Asukayama Takiginoh

  • Organization : Asukayama Takiginoh Exective Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


In October 2003, Noh artist Shigeya Kimura started Asukayama Takiginoh, wanting to use his Noh talent as a means of giving back to his hometown, Kita-ku. Local city associations, shopping streets and businesses subsequently got together to create Asukayama Takiginoh Executive Committee, which has been working to raise the event’s grassroots profile to one that elevates Kita-ku as a whole.
Marking the group’s 17th performance, this year’s two-night event included a restaging of last year’s program, which was canceled midway due to bad weather.

Night 1
Thursday, November 21
Kyogen Futari Daimyo (Two Lords): Mansaku Nomura (Living National Treasure), Mansai Nomura

Noh Momijigari (The Maple Viewing): Shirou Nomura (Living National Treasure), Tsuneyoshi Mori

Night 2
Friday, November 22
Kyogen Nariagari (An Upgrade): Mansai Nomura, Yukio Ishida

Noh Shunkan (Shunkan in Exile): Shirou Nomura (Living National Treasure), Tsuneyoshi Mori


【Asukayama Takiginoh Exective Committee】
The late Shigeya Kimura, a member of the Association for Japanese Noh Plays and general holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property in Noh Plays, who had lived in Kita City, began this tradition under his chairmanship in 2003 to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Edo Shogunate. Since its 4th performance, volunteers from local city associations, shopping streets and companies have carried on his legacy and tradition. The performances include famous Japanese Noh artists like Mansaku Nomura and Gensho Umewaka.


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