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  • Organization : lolo
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Naoyuki Miura has based his work on the principle that the act of forming a theater group itself is theatrical creation. Over a decade, the desire developed within him to create theater providing a comfortable zone for everyone, theater that would become a “place” where everyone belongs. This was a staging of a narrative designed to express Miura’s desire in a straightforward way and reflect on the troupe itself.
Incorporated into the title “HANAREBANARETACHI” is the question of whether the principal members who form a troupe, disband and go their separate ways can still stay together while being apart.
Also appearing in the production were musician Keiichi Sokabe, animation artist Ryo Hirano and others, taking on the challenge of telling the story auditorily and visually with songs and illustrations as well as through the actors’ words.
A success at the box office to boot, this tenth anniversary performance felt like the culmination of the troupe’s work up to now as well as a further leap forward.


A theater troupe spearheaded by dramatist and director Naoyuki Miura, formed in 2009. Taking pop culture elements from diverse times and places, its pieces consistently depict boy-meets-girl encounters with a difference, making them popular with men and women of all ages.
The troupe’s work is aimed at expanding the range of theater; in the “ITSUKOU” series for example, which started in 2015, the troupe created works intended to revitalize high school theater. Major works include “LOVE02” (2012), “HANDSOME NA DAIGO” (2015) and “BGM” (2017).
“HANDSOME NA DAIGO” was shortlisted for the 60th Kishida Kunio Drama Award.


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