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The 5th Ryogoku Art Festival

  • Organization : Monten incorporated association
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Featuring 3 programs, the purpose of the festival this time around was firstly to introduce important compositions by Akemi Naito to Japan, and secondly to introduce creative two-piano pieces chosen from the perspective of Naito from the US, where she has lived for nearly 30 years.

Program A: Emily Brontë – Through Life and Death, A Chainless Soul (2017) Japan premiere
Text: Emily Brontë
Music: Akemi Naito
Installation Art: Toshihiro Sakuma
Mezzo soprano: Jessica Bowers
Piano: Satoko Inoue
Projection Operator: Kairi Nagashima

Program B: Lecture “Time and Space in Emily Bronte’s Poetry”
Lecturer: Hisae Ashizawa
Facilitator: Akemi Naito

Program C: Piano duo, solo concert “Creativity in America”
Piano: Satoko Inoue, Masanobu Shinoda, Shizuka Kuretani

Piano tuning: Akimichi Miura
Stage direction: Naya Collective
Recording: Tatsuhiro Watanabe
Production: Yaeko Kurosaki


Monten incorporated association
Since its opening in 1989, Monnaka Tenjo Hall, the predecessor of Ryogoku Monten Hall, has introduced and staged an ambitious and varied program of music and performances, ranging from the traditional to pioneering contemporary music. Under the theme of “tradition and modernity,” organizers make efforts to offer a high quality music experience and foster a broad audience base.


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