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eltanin First Performance “White Space.”

  • Organization : eltanin
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


The first performance by dance company eltanin, led by choreographer and dancer Ryu Suzuki. Under the theme of Tokyo, which Suzuki sees as a city with no blanks, or “white space,” this dance work depicted relationships and distance between people. Performed by Daisuke Omiya, Kana Ajimu, Maika Ueda, Yutaro Kawachi and Ryu Suzuki, with music by Masahiro Hiramoto and costumes by Kumiko Takeda.


Eltanin is a contemporary dance company led by Ryu Suzuki. It performs and manages Ryu’s choreographic works, and aims to open every possibility of dance within our society. It explores meaning of contemporary dance as a company that exists between people. It creates works on project basis with not only dance artists but also with artists in variety of art forms such as theatre, music, visual arts and more.


Ryu Suzuki 
E-mail : ryusuzuki.g@gmail.com


Theatre Tram, Setagaya City, Tokyo