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Dream Pillow (Yumemakura) Concert Outside Society 2019

  • Organization : Dream Pillow (Yumemakura)
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


This concert is based on episodes from Ayuo’s autobiography “Outside Society”. The music combines Japanese traditional sounds with medieval European melodies and oriental modes while retaining an original sound influenced by progressive rock and folk. Ayuo plays Bouzouki, Guitar, recites poetry and sings accompanied by the world-renowned Shakuhachi performer Akikazu Nakamura, Koto player Toshiko Kuto, percussionist Junzo Tateiwa and Female vocalist Yoko Ueno.


The group Dream Pillow (Yumemakura) was formed in 2015 to perform “Carl Jung’s Dream Journals”, composed with a text written by Ayuo. The shakuhachi player, Akikazu Nakamura is also influenced by Carl Jung’s philosophy, and thus played an important role in organizing this new group consisting of traditional Japanese instruments, Asian percussion and Western instruments including guitar, accordion, ukulele, and bass. Ayuo’s compositions are a reflection of the fact that he grew up in an environment filled with different languages, customs, cultures, and races in his own family members and school mates. This ensemble consists of some of the best musicians in their respective fields and brings together these influences in a natural way to create a new style of truely global world music.

[Ayuo: Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki]
Ayuo Takahashi (born 1960 in Tokyo, Japan and raised in New York City) is a Japanese-American composer, poet, lyricist, singer and performer of plucked string instruments including guitar, bouzouki, Irish harp, Chinese zheng, Japanese koto, and medieval European psaltery. He is adept at adapting the ancient music of Japan, China, Persia, Greece and medieval Europe to create a new and original music without abandoning their strict forms, while simultaneously making them relevant to contemporary music styles. He has composed for classical ensembles including string quartets, piano, various chamber ensembles and orchestra, as well as composed, produced and performed with rock, jazz and musicians of various traditional music from around the world. He has also composed many music theater pieces, some of which has been released on CD in the United States and Japan.


Ayuo Takahashi