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"Let's make an alter ego robot's clothes with the OriHime pilot!"

  • Organization : Kodomochounaikai Office
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


“CHILDREN’S DESIGN SUMMIT” will be held for the purpose of dialogue and cooperation between children and people with disabilities.
Part.1 “About inclusive design beyond the limits and boundaries with Kosuke Takahashi”
Through the game “LIKAGE” inspired by deafblind communication language, and the robot “NIN_NIN” that enable body sharing, Children learn how to enjoy and communicate with others, regardless of disability.
Part.2 “Let’s make clothes for alter ego robot with the OriHime pilot!”
Through alter ego robots, Children interact with OriHime pilots who live with severe disabilities and incurable diseases, and design robot’s clothes that express the pilot’s personality.

General supervision: Kaori Shikichi
Facilitator: Kosuke Takahashi
Guest Talk: Yoshiko Nishimura
OriHime Pilot: Nozomi Murata, Masato Nagahiro, Yuki Yanagida, Mikako Fujita, Fumiko Miyoshi
Later, the clothes designed by children and the OriHime pilot will be realized by volunteers from Bunka Women’s University, and the OriHime fashion catalog will be produced and displayed.
Production supervision: Hiroshi Yamamura


【Kodomochounaikai Office】
Kodomochounaikai Office is a group of architects and designers who are involved in the design of various “objects, things and communications” such as architecture, products, advertising, web, fashion, and education. They believe that the power to create “objects, things and communication” refers to soft “intelligence and sensibility” that discovers issues and solves problems creatively.
“Design” has nurtured their own intelligence and sensibility.
The workshop for children called “Kodomochounaikai” started with the aim of utilizing the educational ability of design in children’s education.


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