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Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021

  • Organization : General Non-Profit Incorporated Organization Tokyo Biennale
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Held every 2 years, the Tokyo Biennale is an international art festival that sets the city of Tokyo as its main stage. The festival is a new type of event that aims to dig deep into the city, as it is created together with the area’s local citizens, as well as a wide variety of artists and creators from around the world.


【General Non-Profit Incorporated Organization Tokyo Biennale】


General Non-Profit Incorporated Organization Tokyo Biennale
3331 Arts Chiyoda 210, 6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0021
Tel: +81-(0)3-5816-3220
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Across the 4 wards – Chiyoda City, Chuo City, Bunkyo City, and Taito City – of the Northeastern area of central Tokyo.
Historical architecture, Public place schools, Rooftop of shops, Idle facilities (both indoor and outdoor)