What we do

Spring 2020

  • Organization : PUGMENT
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


This fashion show was created around a narrative of people in a world where words have been lost under the postwar occupation, trying to restore history from wording on T-shirts left in the city. In creating this piece, PUGMENT researched the street fashion of Tokyo’s Yoyogi and Harajuku areas as well as street fashion in the broader sense. Immediately after the war these neighborhoods served as the GHQ residential district and then the Athletes’ Village for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics; thereafter the area developed into the Yoyogi of today with Yoyogi Park, Yoyogi National Stadium and NHK Broadcasting Center. Against this background, neighboring Harajuku has developed into a mecca for foreign culture and street fashion. This collection was created by reinterpreting this historical background. PUGMENT’s installation at project space “People” consisted of video works and clothing, with music by Kazumichi Komatsu and styling by Koji Oyamada.


PUGMENT is a Tokyo based fashion label founded in 2014. They observe the process by which the value and meaning of clothing changes according to human activity and behavior, and incorporate it into the context of their production. While focusing on the relationship between people and the images surrounding fashion, they present clothes that encourage a different perspective on existing values, environments, and information.




People, Shibuya City, Tokyo