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The Japan Sankyoku Association's annual performance 6th “Nihon no hibiki (Japanese sound) ” –“Noh and Kyogen depicted by Sankyoku 1”

  • Organization : Public Interest Incorporated Association The Japan Sankyoku Association
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


As a reflection of the achievements of the past five annual performances of “Nihon no hibiki” The Japan Sankyoku Association launched a new themed project, a series of performances focusing on works related to Noh, to be held every year starting this year at the Kanze Noh Theater, with the cooperation of the head of Kanze school of noh. This performance was the first in the series.
The performance started with Su-utai “Kamiuta” by Kiyokazu Kanze, head of the Kanze school of noh, and went on to include “Okina” performed by the head of The Japan Sankyoku Association/Living National Treasure Seikin Tomiyama and others, as well as “Chougonka-no-kyoku” performed by an ensemble including Shouin Yamase, Honorary President and also Living National Treasure. The concert also featured the premiere performance of “Hagoromo” (composed by Eikichi Kiyomoto), a new work commissioned by the Association featuring a total of 29 musicians.


Public Interest Incorporated Association The Japan Sankyoku Association
PIIA The Japan Sankyoku Association is a group of teachers and performers of Sankyoku, an ensemble form of Japanese traditional chamber music featuring vocals, koto (long zither), sangen (another name of shamisen, three-stringed instrument with a long fretless neck), and shakuhachi (end blown bamboo flute), with a history of over 50 years and over 5,000 members nationwide. The Association works towards more effective publicity and dissemination of the Koto, Sangen (Shamisen) and Shakuhachi and exchange between the various schools of Sankyoku. Through these efforts, the aim is to contribute to the promotion of Japanese traditional arts and the development of traditional Japanese music culture. Towards this goal the Association organizes five concert productions a year, as well as actively engaging in the training of young performers and sending instructors on school visits, to workshops and hands-on courses, etc.


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Kanze 25th “Kanze Sakon” memorial Kanze school Noh Theater, Chuo City, Tokyo