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LOLO vol.13 “BGM”

  • Organization : LOLO
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


LOLO’s first foray into musical theater, on the theme of “theater×music.”
This work depicts a northward journey by car en route to a friend’s wedding, tracing places that hold memories of a trip taken together. With music by “beat maker” Yusuke Emoto of popular rap group EMC, who also performed in and wrote for the work. In charge of choreography was Wataru Kitao, distinguished for his work as leader of dance company Baobab as well as for his solo projects, and dancer Yo Nakamura. This upbeat work was Lolo’s first foray into the theater district of Shimokitazawa, with a performance featuring LOLO members and three new actresses who won the roles that over 300 people auditioned for.

Written and directed by:Naoyuki Miura
Performers: Kazunori Kameshima, Daigo Shinozaki, Momoko Shimada, Hana Morimoto, Ayano Mochizuki(LOLO);Tomoka Ishihara, Minami Inoue (SEINENDAN); Ayane Yui, Yusuke Emoto


A theater troupe spearheaded by dramatist and director Naoyuki Miura, formed in 2009. Taking pop culture elements from diverse times and places, its pieces consistently depict boy-meets-girl encounters with a difference, making them popular with men and women of all ages.
The troupe’s work is aimed at expanding the range of theater; in the “ITSUKOU” series for example, which started in 2015, the troupe created works intended to revitalize high school theater. Major works include “LOVE02” (2012), “HANDSOME NA DAIGO” (2015) and “BGM” (2017).
“HANDSOME NA DAIGO” was shortlisted for the 60th Kishida Kunio Drama Award.


Miyoto Okuyama
E-mail :llo88oll.kanri@gmail.com


The Suzunari Theatre (Setagaya City, Tokyo)