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BALLO - Romeo and Juliet -

  • Organization : CHAiroiPLIN
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


CHAiroiPLIN staged a new work on the theme of “Romeo and Juliet” for the fourth performance in its “dance theater series.”
With a story unquestionably strong for both theater and dance, the aim was not to deconstruct and contemporise; instead the troupe retained classic elements in terms of both text and physicality, aiming for an expression of beautiful words and bodies featuring CHAiroiPLIN’s unique “literature meets the body” interpretation, songs, musical performance, dialogue, dance, onomatopoeia, contact improvisation, etc. In addition, by strengthening the quality of dance by individual performers, the troupe set itself the challenge of a production based on choreography focusing on the existence of each character within the romantic tragedy, starting with the Romeo and Juliet duo performances.

Choreography/conception/direction: Takuro Suzuki
Performers: Jintoku, Elizabeth Marry, Toshihiko Kashiwagi (The Zero Movement), Naoto Katori (Condors), Gitaro(Condors), Yuri Shimizu, Miho Suzuki, Makishi Suzu, Jody, Miho Tanaka, Yusaku Torigoe (Tsubakigumi), Minako Niibe, NIWA (WANIMALL), Hiromu Nosaka, Azusa Fukushima, Yuko Masuda, Sanka Motoyama, Takuro Suzuki, Hairi Katagiri, others


Dance company founded by Takuro Suzuki.
With the objective of creating highly entertaining stage productions that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, since 2007 CHAiroiPLIN has explored a rich and diverse performance style unfettered by preconceptions, working on theatre productions that go a long way towards developing the potential of a new type of performing arts. Its stage shows feature casts of quirky, distinctive actors and dancers under a “dance meets theater” concept incorporating abundant dialogue, song, onomatopoeia, and more.




The Globe Tokyo (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)