What we do

France-Japan collaboration in performing arts “The Wonderful Parade”

  • Organization : to R mansion
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


An international collaboration between Japan and France for the creation and staging of performing arts. Lighting designer/theater director Pascal Laajili was invited to Tokyo where he held creative workshops for artists, contributing to the advancement of Tokyo’s arts and culture. Designed to be a work for all ages to enjoy, the project conveyed the appeal of international collaboration-based performing arts projects to people in Tokyo of different age groups, while also offering performance of a high-quality stage work that overseas visitors to Tokyo could enjoy as well.

Written and directed by: to R mansion
Lighting designer, co-director and workshop instructor: Pascal Laajili
Writers/performers: Hanabi Uwanosora, Kayo Nozaki, Yujiro Marumoto, Muhammad Ali-Gâteau, Copperlia Circus, Gilbert de moccos, Kennosuke Sagawa, Yanomi (Shoshinz)
Lighting: Takehiko Maruyama
Sound: Ken Takashio
Costumes: Chiaki Nishikawa
Stage director: Daijiro Kawakami
Design: Aoi Noguchi
Production: Tsutomu Saito
Performance day management: Yuko Okumura
General supervisor: Koji Kojima


to R mansion
A performance company which is often invited to theatre festivals and street festivals worldwide. Specializing in physical theater such as pantomime, acrobatics, theater and magic, the company’s inventive and humorous performances with colorful and chameleon-like characters provoke laughter, surprise and emotion in audiences of all ages. The company has won acclaim far and wide for a dynamic and detailed visual production style that incorporates techniques and methods from movies, manga and anime and freely manipulates time and space, and for unique works that make full use of everyday materials and objects.


Kayo Nozaki
to R mansion
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E-mail : to-r-m@kta.biglobe.ne.jp