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Tsugumi Yamamoto Cultural exchange
in NY 2016

  • Organization : Tsugumi Yamamoto
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


In this project, koto player Tsugumi Yamamoto will hold four concerts and one workshop in New York City.
Since 2013 the project “Strings & Serpents,” made up of a piano duo (Andy Milne and Benoît Delbecq), a koto duo (Ai Kajigano and Tsugumi Yamamoto) and a video artist (Saki Murotani), has been producing a new world of music and imagery.
In 2014 the project had a successful North American tour. This time, in order to plan a new tour to start in 2017, the members will gather in New York and carry out performances and production activities. In addition, a solo concert and workshop by Yamamoto will be held in the “Globus Washitsu,” a center for dissemination of cultural arts established by Stephen Globus–who has long been introducing various aspects of Japanese culture to New Yorkers–in order to expand the area for solo performance on the 25-string koto and increase awareness of the instrument’s special character and future potential. Also planned is a collaboration with works by Hisao Hanafusa, an artist who lives in New York.

Strings & Serpents: Andy Milne (piano), Benoît Delbecq (piano), Ai Kajigano (17-string koto), Tsugumi Yamamoto (25-string koto), Saki Murotani (imagery)
[Ai Kajigano and Saki Murotani will not be taking part in these events. Reikano Kimura (koto) and Calvin Herzig-Anderson (lighting staff member) will participate.]

Opening Reception with Tsugumi Yamamoto
7 to 9pm
Globus Washitsu
889 Broadway, Manhattan, NYC

“Strings & Serpents Concert”
Yamaha artist services
689 5th Ave, 3rd Floor, NYC

“Tatami Recital”
Koto-Jam with Tsugumi Yamamoto
2 to 4pm
Globus Washitsu
889 Broadway, Manhattan, NYC

“Crystal Magnets Piano Duo with special guest Tsugumi Yamamoto”
Greenwich House
27 Barrow St. NYC
(212) 242-4770


【Tsugumi Yamamoto】
Twenty-five-string koto player. Member of the Shingensha Ikuta School of koto. Yamamoto studied with Souju Nosaka as an intern with the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Artist Training Program. Since then she has been active mainly as a 25-string koto player. She expands her freedom of expression by premiering contemporary compositions, improvising with piano, percussion, whistling and paint, and adding vocal elements such as song and spoken word; and communicates an original worldview through her compositions.

In 2015 Yamamoto released the solo album Spinning the Thread (Tsumugu).


Tsugumi Yamamoto
Koto Performer


Yamaha Artist services (NYC, USA), Greenwich House (NYC, USA), Globus Washitsu (NYC, USA)