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My Hole in Art Series 2019

  • Organization : My Hole: Hole in Art
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This curatorial project is the third in the “My Hole: Hole in Art” series of independent exhibitions which began in 2014. Over this series, artists Tomohito Ishii and Akira Takaishi have examined systems and history regarded as self-evident until then in order to think about the foundation on which both the individual existence “I” and the social system of “art” are based.
In particular, the artists position the study of the outdoor exhibition “Space Totsuka`70” held by Kōji Enokura, Noboru Takayama, Hiroshi Fujii and Makoto Habu in 1970 as an important element in the consideration of their own artistic expressions as artists born in the 1980s, forming the core of this project.
For the 2019 project, the artists will hold three exhibitions based on those considerations. In the group exhibition “Uncertain Area” (at Space23℃) featuring past works and material by Enokura, Takayama and Fujii, they examine how the “hole” works of Space Totsuka‘70 functioned in the forming of themes for works by these artists.
In addition to this, the two curating artists will present new works based on the results of previous projects in the series in two respective solo exhibitions: Ishii’s“Plane of Jouissance”(at Capsule), and Takaishi’s “Descending Garden”(at clinic).


My Hole: Hole in Art
2014 “My Hole:Hole in Art” production team established
2015 Exhibition “My Hole:Hole in Art”
2016 “My Hole: Hole in Art” exhibition catalog published
2018 Hiroshi Fujii solo exhibition “My Hole: Scab of the 21st Century”
2019 “My Hole in Art Series 2019”, including exhibitions “Uncertain Area,” “Plane of Jouissance” and “Descending Garden”


Tomohito Ishii
My Hole:Hole in Art
18-11 Miyamoto-cho Senjyu Adachi-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 120-0043


Space23℃, Setagaya city, Tokyo
CAPSULE, Setagaya city, Tokyo
clinic, Setagaya city, Tokyo