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New Dance Work “Yoinomitsu”

  • Organization : BUSHMAN
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This is the first stand-alone performance by BUSHMAN, a dance company launched in May 2017 by choreographer/dancer Ikumi Kurosu, who had hitherto been active as a solo dance professional. In the wake of winning prizes in recent competitions such as the Newcomer Award in the Dance ga mitai! Newcomer series and the Jury Prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection, and after being invited to perform overseas, this performance saw the group delve further into Ikumi Kurosu’s world and vision. Not only did it showcase physical strength but subtlety of expression, demonstrating consciousness of every bodily detail.
That the work featured the traditional Japanese craft item taketoro bamboo lanterns was not merely for stage design purposes but constituted the troupe’s attempt to utilize the entire venue space in a creative way.

Choreography/conception/direction: Ikumi Kurosu
Performers: Shota Utagawa, Yuki Kaneko, Bausch Tezuka, Shun Nakamura,Ikumi Kurosu
Music production: Eenoor Lighting: Daichi Kutsumi Sound: Takashi Aikawa Costume: Kaori Tamura Stage direction: Tomoya Kubota


Led by Ikumi Kurosu with members Shota Utagawa, Bausch Tezuka and Shun Nakamura, who have been working together for 7 years since university. After winning the top prize at the Yokohama Dance Collection in 2017 the group formed a company together, adopting the name BUSHMAN. In its quest to explore differently formed bodies the troupe is creating a unique worldview. Based in the Kanto region, the company has also performed nationwide in places like Kanazawa, Toyama, Ehime and Nagoya as well as South Korea.




Kagurazaka Session house (Sinjyuku city, Tokyo)