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“Our (Your) Towers” Nuthmique

  • Organization : Nuthmique
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This performance presented an “unknown Tokyo,” in a work structured around interviews with/research on people living or raised in Tokyo. The work expressed the accumulated moment-by-moment perspectives of individuals living in Tokyo who regard the huge city, often talked about in stereotypes, as their hometown. Maximizing not only its performers but also music, video, light and the 8th-storey space of its city hotel venue, the performance offered audiences an up-close experience of “a part of Tokyo” at the end of the 2010s.

Script/direction/music: Masashi Nukata
Performed by: Tsumugi Harada, Shiho Fukasawa, Jun Hosoi
Sound: Ken Yamakawa (MR SOFT LLC.)
Lighting: Ei Matsumoto (eimatsumoto Co.Ltd.), Yuki Sasaki (eimatsumoto Co.Ltd.)
Stage design: Shikine Watanabe
Video: takaramahaya
Costume: Tsumugi Harada


Nuthmique is a Tokyo based theater company founded in 2016 by director, musician, and playwright Masashi Nukata. The company’s artistic process begins from the question, “What is performance?” Through scripts and direction that draw on Nukata’s background in music, Nuthmique creates works that expand the boundaries of the performing arts. Major awards include the 2016 Aichi Arts Foundation Drama Award and the Komaba Agora Director’s Competition Grand Prize.


Haruka Kawano
Production Manager
+81-(0) 50-54353392


CLASKA The 8th Gallery, Meguro City, Tokyo