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Jejak-旅Tabi Exchange: Wandering Asian Contemporary Performance in Visayas

  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


Jejak-旅 Tabi Exchange is a mobile performing arts festival which journeys around Asia. Meaning “traces” in Malay and “footprints” in Indonesian, and incorporating the Japanese word “tabi” meaning “journey,” Jejak-旅 Tabi Exchange is a platform that introduces key Asian artists of various nationalities and professional backgrounds in each city it visits, creating a performing arts network in Asia with participating professionals and managers/producers involved in performing arts. The 2020 edition held in the Philippines was co-curated by Akane Nakamura (Japan), Helly Minarti (Indonesia) and Green Papaya Art Projects (Philippines), and attracted 30 participants from 13 cities in six Asian nations. As well as screenings of video works, theatrical performances conveying actual conditions in the Philippines and workshops re-examining the history of the Philippines using theatrical methods, symposium attendees shared practices from all over Asia, such as the achievements of PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association), and socially-minded performing arts initiatives in Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.


This organization engages in cultural and arts-related events, performances, symposiums, workshops, lectures, talk shows and other projects designed to promote experimental creative activities for local residents, international audiences and artists. Through its practices, the organization deepens international understanding of Japan’s arts and culture and stimulates international exchange. It also aims to raise social awareness of arts and culture in Japan, improve the environment for creative activities, and contribute to the nurture and development of artists.


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