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“My Birth Song”

  • Organization : DA/LEDA 
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The workshop to create one’s own lullaby, through re-focusing “Komori-Uta” as traditional culture, from the literary and musical aspect. The participants can recall joy and happiness which comes with having their children, and renew their determination to grow their children. The performers are “Ensemble Leda”, a classical chamber music group that has been performing concerts for children since 1985, and the program will be conducted in the following sequence: (1) lecture (2) lyrics (3) composition (4) song demonstration (5) concert (6) presentation of completed music score. Songs performed in this program include “Edo Lullaby”, Schubert, Mozart ‘Lullaby’ by Fleece, Garden “YOU RAISE ME UP”, Japanese premiere “Lullaby of Infant Jesus” and “Music in the Cave” etc.


Ensemble Leda, the mother of DA/LEDA, was established in 1985 and has continued concert activities for children such as “The First Classic”. In January 2017, Kawasaki city gender equality center “SUKURAMU 21” planned and implemented “The Only Lullaby in the World” (currently “My Komori-Uta”), which was held in the operation of NPO “Next Generation Support” as a gender equality collaboration project. In order to develop this, we launched the ” DA/LEDA ” in order to feel an important response.


Kuniko Matsuoka
3-43-4,Honamanuma,Sughinami-ku Tokyo 167-0031


ZA-KOENJI, Suginami City, Tokyo