What we do

Inheriting traditional Japanese sounds into the future

  • Organization : Public interest incorporated association Japan Sankyoku Association
  • Section : Symbolic Projects Setting the Flag of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The first part presents a workshop session on koto (Japanese harp), shamisen (Japanese lute), shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute), and kotsuzumi (Japanese hand drum) / fue (Japanese horizontal flute) by instructors who train students at Tokyo University of the Arts to become professional musicians. The second part features a special show in which we trace the history of traditional Japanese music. with historical recordings and rare videos accompanied by an expert’s commentary. Admission free. Advance application is required.


【Public interest incorporated association Japan Sankyoku Association】
Based on “The Great Japan Sankyoku Association” gathering masters of many schools of Koto, Sangen and Shakuhachi, which formed in June of 1840, established in November of 1968 as a Public interest corporation. In August of 2010, received certification as a public interest incorporated association, and until now. We are working according to our purpose of “spreading music of Koto, Sangen and Shakuhachi which are our traditional music, and exchange of the schools. so that we would contribute to the development of culture of traditional Japanese music” and carry out a number of projects.


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