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THEATRE MOMENTS vol.24 “ Frankenstein / The Creature ”

  • Organization : THEATRE MOMENTS 
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


“Frankenstein,” written by Mary Shelley and regarded as the world’s first work of science fiction, has been adapted for stage by THEATRE MOMENTS. The original novel is a tragic tale of love and hate between the hideous Creature and its scientist creator, incorporating subject matter with a contemporary flavor such as a critique of civilization, scientific ethics, and discrimination.
Putting an unexpected twist on anti-coronavirus infection measures, the production makes free use of things like the plastic guard board at reception and the plastic wrap on the audience seat partitions for stage props; and by having the actor playing The Creature wear a mask at all times during the performance, the audience was reminded of social exclusion in the present time under coronavirus, while the classic story itself was kept intact.
Production values were in line with the concept, i.e. the socially inclusive approach of providing audio guides, Japanese subtitles, English and Chinese subtitles, various discount tickets, etc.

Dramatizd and directed by Daisuke Sagawa
Performed by Clare Nakahara, Kenta Konno, Masato Aoki, Akira Okubo, Shota Tomono, Shumpei Mitsuhashi, Chobitsuki Amemiya/Kanako Toyoda 
Lighting by Atsuko Uno
Costume by Yu Arishima
Sound by Tetsuro Koshikawa
Music created by Takahiro Inoue
Stage direction by Takahiro Hattori


THEATRE MOMENTS was founded in 2004 by Daisuke Sagawa and Clare Nakahara with the aim of delivering “made-in-Japan” world-class theater. It creates performing arts of universal strength by basing productions on novels and plays and employing a collaborative process in which ideas are bounced off the actors. Representative works include “The Ballad of Narayama” by Shichiro Fukazawa, “Panic” by Kobo Abe, and “#Macbeth” by William Shakespeare. In recent years, the troupe has been invited to perform in places like China and Malaysia. It received Best Production, Best Direction, and the Audience Prize at the Sengawa Theater Contest 2013.


Clare Nakahara
1-17-15, Tagara, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0073


Chofu-shi Sengawa theater, Chofu City, Tokyo