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M-laboratory latest work「DAWNORDUSK」in Tokyo 2020

  • Organization : M-laboratory
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This work poses a question for the body living in Japan today: how should we relate to the body in the “past” – consisting of modern Japanese history, customs, culture and ideas – and how we should relate to our body going forward? Our conceptions of past and future are depicted as coexisting. Through such a depiction, the work was created to share contemporary Japan (the here and now) with the audience, and reconsider constructive thought through performing arts. In addition, this is a work that the troupe hopes to promote in Japan and overseas as one portraying contemporary Japan in a multi-layered way.
Written, conceived, choreographed, and with art by: Hiroyuki Miura
Performed and choreographed by: Naoka Uemura, Asami Tanaka, Yuki Noguchi, Yuki Miyawaki, Tatsuo Yamashina, Takehiko Maruyama, Hiroyuki Miura
Lighting design: Takehiko Maruyama
Lighting operation: Ryoko Furuya
Sound: Hiroki Tsunoda
Stage design: Shintaro Hori
Sewing: snkt
Music: Hiroki Tsunoda, Hiroyuki Miura
Costume design: Hiroyuki Miura
Photography/recording: MILLA
Production: Re-production of performing arts Works-M, Yoko Kometani
Organized by: M-laboratory


Established in 1999 by Hiroyuki Miura and Takehiko Maruyama. As a company it has created and presented 30 works, many of which have been performed in Japan and overseas.
The unit began activities under the alternative name of Works-M in 2010, and since then has presented 10 works including stage pieces, mixed media works and installations in 8 cities nationwide.
Recent activities include the Works-M Vol. 7 piece “Garden of qualia” performed at YOKOHAMA DANCE COLLECTION, “Disappearing animal” shown in a 3-city nationwide tour, and its latest work, “DAWNORDUSK.”


Asami Tanaka
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Koganei civic center(Koganei-shi , Tokyo)