What we do

“Itsudatte okashiihodo daremoga dareka aishiaisarete daisanshogakko”Re-Creation.

  • Organization : LOLO LLC.
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Revisiting a play written 11 years ago, LOLO has undertaken a reworking of its noted work with the help of some youthful talent. In an environment guaranteed by LOLO as safe and secure, this ambitious work provided young cast members with the opportunity to be critiqued through exposure to an audience, giving them encounters and experiences they could apply to their future careers, while being created under a thoroughly “equal” relationship between all cast members.

Written and directed by: Naoyuki Miura
Performed by: Chieko Asakura, Yoshihiro Onaka, Soudai Kadota, Miki Kanai, Sayaha Seki, Shiori Takano


LOLO is a theater company headed by playwright and director Naoyuki Miura. His work portrays encounters (romantic and otherwise) between people and objects that are fundamentally alien to each other, removed from their existing network of relationships. His plays are also known for sampling and remixing modern and classical pop culture from around the globe. In 2015, Miura began the “Anyone, Anytime High” project. By writing and staging scripts that conform to Japan’s high school theater competition rules and allowing students to perform them for free, he aims to breathe new life into the high school theater scene. Major works include Handsome Daigo (2015) and Scattered (2019).


Miyoto Okuyama


Atelier Shunpusha, Itabashi City, Tokyo & On-line