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Absorption / Radiation

  • Organization : Hikikomisen 2019 Organizing Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


“Absorption / Radiation” is the collective name for four projects; “Art Exhibition” which oversees the exhibition of artworks, “Event” which holds performances, workshops, discussions etc., “Books,” a platform for art criticism and creative expression, and “Satellite” which connects diverse acts. This project was an attempt to transcend the ordinarily assumed constraints of time and space. Since it began last year, numerous events and activities have been planned and held under the “Satellite” project, which aims to get away from the fixed setting of the exhibition hall or gallery and intervene in the real world, orchestrate a succession of multiple simultaneous events, do away with the limitations of genre, and generate interdisciplinary connections. Events are held intermittently at small and medium-sized venues in various parts of the metropolis, with low key gatherings like sketching in Inokashira Park or walking outdoors organized in charming areas of the metropolis everywhere from cities like Tachikawa, Machida, Kodaira, Kunitachi, Mitaka and Musashino, to the 23 wards of Tokyo and beyond the municipalities.
Principle activities: Exhibitions, performances, discussions, lectures, workshops, concerts, and more.


Hikikomisen 2019 Organizing Committee
Starting with a pre-exhibition event/book publication in 2008, Hikikomisen has been held every other year since its first outing in 2009 and has been held seven times to date. While organizers have taken over the project’s basic opening stance of voluntary and independent cooperation/ no unified theme/low key gatherings, this approach continues to be re-examined and reconsidered.

Principle participating artists/ authors:
Mayumi Abe, Daisuke Awata, Usio, Ayaka Ura, Ari Ookubo, Satoshi Otsuka, Taiga Okamoto, Ryosuke Ogino, Masayuki Oku, Ryo Katsumata, Motonori Kawamura, Kojiro Kobayashi, Yuya Koyama, Takafumi Sakanaka, Manami Seki, Shoko Toda, Shinichi Takashima, Ray Thoma, Yoko Terauchi, Motohiro TomiI, Shu Nakagawa, Mio Nakajima, Kento Nito, Naoki Nomoto, Yutaro Hashiba, Satoshi Hashimoto, Tadasu Fujii, Tomohiko Maeno, Tatsuo Majima, Katsumasa Matsui, Hajime Mizutani, Tomohiro Miyakawa, Mineki Murata, Daishiro Mori, Hiroaki Morita, others


Hikikomisen 2019 Organizing Committee


House of Ebata, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo / Cafe Hammock, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo / Around the Imperial Palace, Chiyoda City, Tokyo / Around Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo / Around Nagata-cho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo / Around Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo / Hashikko, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo / TORIGOYA, Machida-shi, Tokyo / theca, Toshima City, Tokyo / HIGURE 17-15 cas, Arakawa City, Tokyo / SCOOL, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo / Online Events