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Gendai Hougaku the 2nd concert

  • Organization : NHK Hougaku Ginosha Ikuseikai Ensemble Gendai Hougaku
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Gendai Hougaku is a professional music performance group established by members from the NHK Hougaku Ginosha Ikuseikai.
It was founded with the aim of reevaluating and revitalizing the vast archive of contemporary works of Japanese traditional music, and actively introducing works by contemporary composers.

1. Seihou KINEYA “Soumei” (1964)
2. Teizo MATSUMURA “Poème for Shinobue and Biwa” (1979)
3. Kazutomo YAMAMOTO “for String and breathing” (2019) World premiere
4. Toshi ICHIYANAGI “Transfiguration of Flowers” (1988)
5. Yasuaki ITAKURA “La matin de la mer” (2006)

Directed by Yasuaki ITAKURA (1, 5)
Gendai Hougaku


NHK Hougaku Ginosha Ikuseikai Ensemble Gendai Hougaku
NHK Hougaku Ginousha Ikuseikai produced many renowned performers between 1955 and 2010 under its aim of cultivating performers who transcended the borders of formal schools/styles, and who were up and ready to meet the requirements of contemporary pieces for traditional instruments. In order to further bolster the expertise and activity surrounding “Gendai hogaku (contemporary music for Japanese traditional instruments),” Gendai Hougaku was formed as an ensemble of specialists, with members auditioned and selected from the ranks of graduates.
The main focus of the group’s activities is the unearthing of the wealth of Gendai hogaku (contemporary music for Japanese traditional instruments) archives left from the postwar Japanese music scene, and its revitalization as heritage from today that should be passed down to the future; another key focus is the proactive introduction and commission of ambitious new works through the outstanding performances required from the stringent demands of contemporary composers.


Kohei Matsumoto
Secretary general
Gendai Hougaku
3-20-3 Oizumigakuencho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 178-0061
Tel: +81-(0)80-3415-0403
Fax: +81-(0)45-541-9583


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