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Tokyo Documentary Film Festibal 2020

  • Organization : neoneo editing group
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


A screening festival where documentary videos that transcend the boundaries of television, movies, and the Internet meet and compete for selection in a competition format was held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, as a “new gateway to documentary videos”, and new documentary videos In addition to aiming to discover and nurture writers, the audience and writers can create documentary videos that record the familiar world by widely introducing to the audience documentary videos that have few opportunities to be screened, such as Tokyo-themed works and folk magazine videos. Create a momentum for a “documentary-watching culture” to gather, share and criticize each other.


neoneo editing group
Founded in 2012 as a voluntary organization that disseminates information on documentary videos, inheriting the e-mail newsletter that had been distributed until then. Since then, We have conducted criticism and interviews with directors, focusing on the publication of the documentary magazine “neoneo” and the creation of articles for the web magazine “neoneo web”, and has continued to operate to convey the appeal of documentaries. Since 2018, we have been holding a new “Tokyo Documentary Film Festival” and are developing activities to deliver the appeal of documentaries more directly to creators and spectators.


Sato Hiroaki
Chief in editer
neoneo editing


Shinjyuku K’s-cinema,Shinjyuku City,Tokyo