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Celebration 13th anniversary performance!! "tadayarudake"

  • Organization : good morning N°5
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


It’s not the world that is going to change, it’s me! I can’t wait for the world to change. Because it’s me that’s new, not the world! I’ m going get my world in motion by changing shame into desire! A flashy, freaky world where love and garbage go insanely all-out in their clash with each other. This dumb tearjerker (?!) is good morning N°5’s 13th anniversary work!

Written and directed by: Ikuko Sawada
Music: Ataru Nakamura
Performed by: Masato Irie, Noriko Fujita, Shinichi Chiyoda, Maki Hironaka, Yuki Fujiwara, Amon Hirai, Minami Kubota, Hiroko Takeda, Eriko Takaku, Ikuko Sawada


good morning N°5
Ikuko Sawada and Noriko Fujita formed good morning N°5 in 2008 with the pure and honest idea of wanting to do something interesting – or rather only wanting to do something interesting. And now suddenly it’ the troupe’s 13th anniversary! With the addition of Minami Kubota, there are currently three troupe members. The troupe gets its name from the most important and popular greeting in the theater world, “Good morning,” combined with CHANEL N°5, the go-to feminine scent for women of all ages all over the world.


good morning N°5


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