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“4 four” won The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Art Encouragement Prize and the 16th Tsuruya Nanboku Drama Award in 2012. Ten years on from its inception, this staging of “4 four,” directed for the first time by the playwright himself, has been created with emphasis on words together with a talented group of actors. In this unique and beautiful drama, five men speak in monologue, and change roles as the play progresses. In the switching of roles, there is skepticism as to their personalities. Life and death, and emotional shutdown are revealed through the monologues of the men, seemingly the bereaved family of the victim. This two-hour one-act play has a universal force, and the questions it raises are still fresh and pertinent.

Written and directed by Takeshi Kawamura
Music: Eiji Sugiura (SUGIURUMN)
Lighting: Tamotsu Harada
Sound: Mihoko Fujihira
Costume: Kayomi Itoh
Stage direction: Mikio Ogasawara
Cast: Tomohiko Imai, Toranosuke Katoh, Satoru Kawaguchi, Ryosuke Ikeoka, Takashi Kobayashi


【T Factory】
In 1980 Takeshi Kawamura founded the theater company “Daisan Erotica” primarily with members of the Theater Study Group of Meiji University. From then on, he tirelessly produced 2-3 stage works a year, mainly ensemble dramas making use of the theater company system in Japan. The company was invited to international theater festivals around the world.
In 2002, T Factory was established for the production of new plays by Kawamura, with the aim of broadening his creative range in productions that were not bound to fixed company members.


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