What we do

Noh kansyō ga motto tanosiku naru Hazimete no! goban Noh taiken kōza

  • Organization : Noh・Kyogen Appreciation Club
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event
Utai (Yokyoku) Noh chanting/Mai (Noh dance)

Number of sessions (per person/including presentations, etc.)
4 sessions per program: Total period: 20 sessions for 5 programs

Programs (in five categories)
Chikubushima (deity)
Atsumori (man)
Hagoromo (woman)
Sumidagawa (madness)
Kurama-tengu (demon)

Principal instructor
Keizo Nagayama

Event features
Participants get a look at the masks, costumes and props used in Noh performances. In addition, the experience of watching performance components on video will enhance participants’ understanding and interest.

A framework enabling participants to continue with hands-on experience (practice) of traditional performing arts
Through first-hand experience of Noh chanting, participants will be able to grasp the appeal they were unable to appreciate solely by listening.
Participants will also be able to learn about waka poetry and more, allowing them to truly appreciate the beauty of the Japanese language. We expect that chanting out loud will be good for participants’ mind and body alike.
Additionally, the dance experience sessions will enhance participants’ understanding of Noh when they go to see it by teaching them about the basic set gestures and movements. Participants will also become more aware of their posture and core, with Noh dance expected to have the same health benefits as Noh chanting.
After the course has finished, we can make arrangements for those participants who wish to continue studying Utai Noh chanting and Shimai dance. From informal practice to one-on-one sessions, we can arrange a variety of practice types according to individual needs and conditions.
In addition, we hold regular social gatherings with members so that we can interact with each other through practising Noh.


Noh・Kyogen Appreciation Club
Formed by Kanze school Noh artist Keizo Nagayama with the aim of improving his own art and popularizing Noh. The organization holds regular workshops at the Noh rehearsal studio Setagaya Nagayama Noh Stage (completed in 2017) in Setagaya-ku’s Kaminoge district. Before the pandemic, the organization used to run the monthly course “Experience the world of Noh” giving participants hands-on experience of not only practical skills, but also of masks, costumes and chanting in events offering an experience of the ABCs of Noh through the study of Noh performances. In addition, the group offers the three-month one-to-one practice course “Let’s Try !! Yokyoku and Shimai” in twice a month sessions.


Keizo Nagayama
Noh・Kyogen Appreciation Club
Tokyo Setagaya kaminoge 4-31-3


Setagaya Nagayama NohStage, Setagaya City, Tokyo