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Let’s play Kyogen at the Suginami Noh Theatre! Introduction course by the Yamamoto family, Okura school

  • Organization : Okura-ryu Kyogen Yamamoto Office LLC
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event

Number of sessions (per person/including presentations, etc.)

Principal instructors
Special instructor: Tojiro Yamamoto (designated holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property status (a Living National Treasure)
Instructors: Noritoshi Yamamoto, Yasutaro Yamamoto, Noritaka Yamamoto, Norishige Yamamoto, Norihide Yamamoto (designated Important Intangible Cultural Assets)

Event features
Participants will practice the Kyogen “Hana arasoi” over ten sessions at Suginami Noh Theater, a Suginami-ku designated Cultural Property built over a 100 years ago. For the performance, participants will showcase what they have learnt wearing costumes used by Kyogen professionals. This is a course for beginners, but people with experience can also participate.

A framework enabling participants to continue with hands-on experience (practice) of traditional performing arts
Instructors belonging to the organization each run their own Kyogen courses, so the appropriate instructors can be introduced to those who wish to continue studying, according to individual requirements and conditions.


Okura-ryu Kyogen Yamamoto Office LLC
An organization of Noh practitioners from the Yamamoto family, Okura school of Kyogen. The Yamamoto family carries on ceremonial performance traditions dating from the Tokugawa shogunate. The second-generation Tojiro Yamamoto (1864-1935) founded the private organization Yamamoto-kai, which was incorporated 2006 to pass down and develop its activities. Currently led by the fourth-generation Living National Treasure Tojiro Yamamoto and based at the Suginami Noh Theater, the organization works to promote and disseminate Kyogen, and train and nurture successors to the art.


Okura-ryu Kyogen Yamamoto Office LLC
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Suginami Noh Theater, Suginami City, Tokyo