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Ohayashi Project presents PON! to Kotsuzumi Taiken in Asakusa

  • Organization : OHAYASHI PROJECT
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event

Number of sessions (per person/including presentations, etc.)

Principal instructors
Hideyuki Mochiduki, Satatoshiro Mochiduki (hogaku-hayashi musicians)

Event features
In this course, participants will do a total of five hands-on sessions from April, culminating in a simple performance presented during the last session. During February and March we will hold a total of four one-day Kotsuzumi experience sessions for those who are unsure whether they will be able to go on to the main course. These sessions will enable would-be participants to have actual contact with the instruments, experience the enjoyment they bring and familiarize themselves with their depth and complexity, encouraging them to then apply for the course starting in April.

A framework enabling participants to continue with hands-on experience (practice) of traditional performing arts
We will conduct a questionnaire at the end of the course, and if a lot of participants wish to continue learning as a hobby, the Ohayashi Project will continue holding classes on an independent basis. For those who wish to have private lessons rather than group lessons, we can offer private lessons by members of the Ohayashi Project, introduce a teacher in a convenient location, etc.


Concerned about decline in the world of hogaku traditional Japanese music, which has seen an alarming drop in audience numbers and performances due to the niche nature and ageing of audiences, this organization engages in activities aimed at creating new fans of traditional performing arts.
Its main activities involve independent concerts combining hogaku and Western music, around 20 of which have been held since the group’s inception in 2010.
Besides performances, the group runs workshops and hands-on classes geared to different age groups from students to adults,


Hideyuki Mochiduki


Okadaya Fuse 2F Tamokuteki Hall, Taito City, Tokyo