What we do

spac-e #3b: the concert “DOUBLE” and the electronic music workshop for acoustic instrument players.

  • Organization : spac-e
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


With a focus on works for instrument(s) and electronics, spac-e puts forward new musical possibilities in its design of performance spaces for acoustic instrumental music using electronic technology. In 2020 the group organized the “spac-e #3b” concert and an electronic music workshop for acoustic instrument players.

“spac-e #3b” program
Steve Reich – Vermont Counterpoint (1982) [Flute (also Piccolo, Alto Flute) and Electronics]
Pierre Boulez – Dialogue de l’ombre double (1985) [Saxophone (Soprano, Alto) and Electronics]
Brian Ferneyhough ‒ Mnemosyne (1986) [Bass Flute and Electronics]
Philippe Hurel ‒ Loops III (2002) [2 Flutes]
Ko Sahara ‒ Hagoromo (2020) [Bass Flute and Electronics]


Formed in 2018. The essence of the group’s activity is the pursuit of instrumental expression that makes full use of electronic technology. The group intends to design the space of the instrumental performance and expand its possibilities with the works for instrument(s) with/without electronics.

Kazuhiro Kajihara (flute)
Takahiro Uchiyama (flute)
Makoto Hondo (saxophone)
Ko Sahara (computer music design)


Ayako Fukunaga (naya collective Ltd.)


Space Do, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Nonaka Anna Hall, Shibuya City, Tokyo