What we do

ME to TE no Studio

  • Organization : IGENGO Lab.
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This creative space offered the opportunity for participants to up the enjoyment of whole-body play and expression through the eyes and hands, using vision and language (sign language). In what ways can you become yourself, express yourself with your whole body, enjoy communication games, and convey your feelings to the person in front of you? Designed as an immersive hands-on exhibition in which participants enjoy forms of communication transcending language barriers as well as the creativity and ingenuity of interpersonal communication, the program comprised tours and workshops as well as an exhibition.


IGENGO Lab is a testing ground for exploring the trial and error involved in communication generated between people who use different languages and the appeal of individual languages, in order to propose new forms of communication.
At IGENGO Lab., we hope to create forms of communication that transcend language barriers by exploring the available methods for conveying feelings to the person in front of us. We will give shape to the richness of language generated by the creativity and ingenuity of interpersonal communication, suggesting the expressive appeal of non-verbal language through repeated practice in areas such as the direction of looks and head nodding/shaking, physical expression, and mood.