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The Fifth Girls Band Stage Contest High School Student Tournament

  • Organization : Girls Band Stage Contest Executive Committee
  • Section : Support for Citizen-led Cultural Activities
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


The purpose of this national band contest for high school students studying music is to deepen the students’ understanding of music by providing performance opportunities of a public and competitive nature, and through the contest, to encourage exchange initiatives between different high school students and support their cultural activities.
For this the fifth contest, organizers received 67 applications from bands all over Japan, and after preliminary screening of application videos, 19 made it through to the final, where they gave live performances.
All the performers were high school students, but the on-stage guest was a new band popular among the young called “ATARAYO,” whose members have experience of working on this project.
In addition to professional adults, staff members included students specializing in relevant subjects.
The contest host made use of a new up-and-coming voice actor to liven up the proceedings.
The event was held without an audience after taking sufficient measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


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