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Yoshihara Sachiko 3rd KOTO Recital -Tradition to the Future-

  • Organization : Sachiko Yoshihara
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


Koto Recital
This recital was held in the hope that performing Koto works by various composers from different eras, from existing popular pieces to contemporary works, will help people understand the appeal of the Koto, and that Koto music will continue to develop and be widely known throughout the world, and also as a prayer for a bright future for the world of the Koto.

“Rainy Night in London” (Michio Miyagi, 1953)
“Yomigaeru Itsutsu no Uta” (Tadao Sawai, 1979)
“Futatsu no Mai” (Hideki Tamaki, 1987)
“Shoko: Yuragi Koto” (“Candela: Fluctuating Koto”) [Commissioned Premier] (Yoshihiro Kanno, 2021)
“Twin Prime Ⅱ – for Soprano and Koto” (Masamichi Kinoshita, 2018)

Yoshihara Sachiko (Koto), Sachika Mizuno (Violin), Ryoko Yanagisawa (Soprano)


Sachiko Yoshihara
Sachiko Yoshihara is a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts, the NHK Academy for Japanese Traditional Music, and the Contemporary Hōgaku Research Center which awarded her the Hōgaku Educator’sPrize in 2002. Her other awards include prizes in the National Kenjun Koto Competition, the National Hōgaku Competition, and the NHK Hōgaku Audition.

Currently she teaches at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Kumamoto University, Hirosaki University. She gives frequent lectures and workshops on hōgaku and sankyoku, and several of her performances are featured online through Senzoku Gakuen’s Digital Library.


Koto performer
Sachiko Yoshihara


OJI HALL Ginza, Tokyo