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  • Organization : YOSHIDAYAMAR
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


An exhibition examining art in the earthquake prone country of Japan. The core theme of the exhibition was symbiosis and dialogue with others, and how the contours of the individual ego intersect with this. But being an outdoor event meant it would be affected by the overpowering “other” represented by nature, typhoons and the like; and the question posed by the exhibition was how each person involved could co-exist with an unfeeling and uncontrollable entity incapable of dialogue, under circumstances where the physical structure of the exhibition was also beyond their control.

October 29 Clear/30 Clear/31 Rain

The commissioned title of the exhibition “NOKEMONO” was created by poet Yoshinori Henguchi. The statement that formed the framework of the exhibition was a poem by the singer Sarasa. During installation, organizers asked fortune teller Khay Hitomi to perform a purification ritual for the exhibition space. 3DCG typography by Heijiro Yagi, graphic designer for the exhibition, hung suspended in the air as an AR (Augmented Reality) work with the collaboration of creative platform STYLY. Koichi Mitsuoka’s textile construction waited for the wind to blow. Asako Fujikura’s meta exhibition 3DCG work was developed with LEDVISION software in collaboration with Minamoto Vision, and shone with mysterious light as night fell. Throughout the exhibition period Daijiro Chiba’s performance piece saw him reading out loud on a stage designed as a water wheel, continuously drenched. Taichi Moriyama’s work comprised a collection of components involving drinkable water and piled stones allowing the viewer to recapture a loosely conceived ecosystem. All the works could be seen through GROUP’s “water roof,” hanging there in the middle as soon as visitors entered. It rained on the last day of the three-day event: the “water roof” provided a dry pathway underneath.


A “walking poet” or “hiker” from Toyama who lives in Tokyo. His activities include exhibition curation, gallery direction, and solo creation.




3331 Arts Chiyoda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo